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Geneva Convention

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This is a petition to update the Geneva Convention.

The Geneva Convention was created on a time before terror, when armies fought armies.  The Geneva Convention was created to ensure, as much as possible, that captured soldiers would receive humane treatment by their captors.  However, when soldiers are captured by terrorists, those soldiers have no human rights.  The Geneva Convention doesn’t protect them.

We are starting a petition to have the Geneva Convention updated and include ALL captured soldiers, regardless of who the captors are.  We believe in equality and that all humans have the same rights, and that all captives must be treated in a humane manner.  We also believe that the torture of captives‘ families by the captors, whether it be physically, emotionally, psychologically or financially, is a war crime.

All captured soldiers must be visited by Human Rights groups and granted humane treatment regardless of who holds them prisoners.

If you believe in equality, human rights for all and that the Geneva Convention must include all captured soldiers, please sign this petition.

Thank you.


Also the European Parliament wants GILAD SHALIT free !!!!

Hamas authorities in Gaza should NOW immediately end the cruel and inhuman treatment.  Allow Gilad Shalit to communicate with his family and receive visits from the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)

The main donor of the two Second Flotilla ships, „Free journalists ship“ (dubbed as the Naji Al-Ali ship) and the Mariam-ship, is no-one else than PalArab businesman Yasser Qashlaq, who recently bragged that the Second Flotilla will include more than fifty ships.
But who is Yasser Qashlaq?

Yasser Qashlaq is a Syrian businessman of Palestinian descent who heads the “Free Palestine Organization” . More answers you can find  in the video published on Samar Hajj and general Mustafa Hamdan:

Yasser Qashlaq ties to Hezbollah echoed comments of disgraced White House reporter Helen Thomas by demanding that Israeli Jews return to Europe, the Jerusalem Post reports:

  • „Gilad Schalit should go back to Paris and those murderers go back to Poland, and after that we will chase them until the ends of the earth to bring them to justice for their acts of slaughter from Deir Yassin until today….”

And Yasser Qashlaq said over the weekend on Hizbullah’s al-Manar television station:

  • „I’m more and more optimistic that one day these same boats would take “Europe’s refuse [the Jews] that came to my homeland back to their homelands…“

And Yasser Qashlaq called Israel a

  • “… rabid dog sent to the region to frighten the Arabs. I’ve a message for Israelis: Get on the ships we are sending you and go back to your lands. Don’t let the moderate Arab leaders delude you, [you] cannot make peace with us. Our children will return to Palestine, you have no reason for coexistence. Even if our leaders will sign a peace agreement, we will not sign. …“

So we can hear that the next ships will have also NO humanitarian purpose!

We stand with ISRAEL

Geschmacklosigkeit der Hamas OHNE ENDE!
Das es von denen Propaganda-Filme gegen Israel gibt, ist ja klar.
Aber sich im Leid der Angehörigen zu suhlen, wie die ….

Neuestens gibt es einen animierten Kurzfilm den Hamas von der Hamas veröffentlicht. Gilad Shalit’s Vater Noam läuft mit einem Photo seines Sohnes durch die Straßen. Überall trifft er auf Anzeigenwerbung von Politikern, die die Befreiung seines Sohnes versprechen.
Am Ende gibt es ein Wiedersehen:

Noam Shalit ist gealtert da und bekommt den Sarg von Gilad gebracht.

HOFFEN wir alle, dass im wahren Leben es anders ausgehen wird!

On Thursday, 2010-03-11, the Europe’s Parliament passed a resolution calling Hamas for abducted IDF soldier Gilad Shalit’s immediate release with a majority vote!